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"Dear Matthew Rosenblum,

Thank you so much for representing me and helping us with my son's case. You are the BEST!

I know that I was a little difficult, but you always managed to calm me down, and make me feel as though I could get through this terribly difficult time. And because of you, I have gotten through it! You were always accessible and willing to comfort and advise me. I cannot thank you enough for your compassion and continuous communication.

Your vast knowledge and experience proved to be a vital part, not only in my plea agreement, but in my son's plea as well. Without your insight and attention to detail, things would have turned out a whole lot worse. You are a life-saver!

Your honesty and sincerity allowed me to trust you fully. I always knew you would tell me the truth. I felt comfortable asking you just about anything. I knew if you said something was going to happen, it would indeed happen.

You and your associates have helped me and my family so very much. You have my sincere gratitude. Now, I know that when you have the best lawyer, you get the best results! And you, Matt, are the BEST!



P. C.


"Mr. Rosenblum,

I wanted to thank you for your efforts on behalf of my brother. You helped to make a very difficult and unpleasant situation considerably less so.

I'm sending along some homemade chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, coffee, tea, honey, cocoa and such. The cookies, although admittedly not exactly health food, are made with unbleached flour and all organic ingredients.

I hope you enjoy them."

-R. M. T


"Dear Matthew,

Let me start by extending my heartfelt thanks to you for your efforts representing our son. This was indeed a stressful and exhausting 1 and a half years for all involved. I believe much of your work went 'unseen' to many and concentrated on meetings and negotiations. Our son was expertly and professionally represented and defended. I commend you for that.

I hope you don't mind my writing this letter. I thought it would be easier to communicate this way.... Thanks for your time and I look forward to speaking with you."


M. S.


"Dear Counselor,

I would like to at this time thank you for your professional courtesy extended to me in helping my wife and I with my son's recent problem. By making room in your schedule to see us as quickly as you did and talking with us was most appreciated at that awkward time for us. I also thank you for your quick response back to us after you made a call on our behalf. My wife and I were both very relieved after speaking with you and hearing your call back to us. Hopefully for my son's sake his problem will end here and he will learn a lesson from this. Again I most appreciate your time and thank you for your help. Please enjoy the upcoming holidays and my best to you, your partners and staff."



"Dear Matthew,

Just a short note to thank you for your support of the Suffolk Coalition PADD dinner last Friday night.

Unfortunately, the public doesn't get to hear too often about the concern and generosity of attorneys. Those of us in the profession are not only away of it, but are sustained by it.

I know the tremendous demands on your time and your wallet. That's why your presence on Friday meant so much. Thanks again."


M. F. M.


"Dear Matthew,

It is really amazing you called last night just as I had come home from buying you this card. You must have E.S.P. & knew I was thinking about you. I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us & your hard work on B's case. I know what you did was your job but it just seemed like you put in extra effort & hours & working on trying to clear B and give him back his good name.

I feel like a bad situation (that should not have been in the first place) could have been worse to go through if we did not have such a caring person to help us through it. You knew how nervous I was & you did everything you could to ease my nerves.

Not being in control of things is extremely difficult for me especially when it comes to my children but having trust in you & your judgment sure did help me a lot. You took the time to explain things as we went along so we knew what to expect & how you were going to deal with whatever surprise may arise.

It was interesting to watch you at work but would have enjoyed it more if I was not personally involved.

Sure feel like we have made a new friend over these 2 years & hope we can keep in touch under much more pleasant circumstances. It was great to talk to you & maybe well get to see you soon. I know you get real busy so let us know when you get some free time -- you'll need a relaxing day.

Thanks again for everything!"

-J. J. B. J


"Dear Matt:

I've come a long way this past year. I feel that I am so blessed to have you in my life, for I will always be eternally thinking of you and thanking God each & every day for what you did for me & my family.

It's still hard for me but with time I'm sure I will be okay again. Once again thank you for being the person that you are. "

Sincerely and with love,

R. S.

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